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Tips Should You Get a Second Medical Opinion?

Why are second opinions important? Let's dive into it!

Put yourself in the shoes of someone who has a medical issue. For example, you've had intense back pain for a little while now. You do what anyone would do, you make an appointment with a spine doctor to figure out what's going on. Your doctor says it's an issue that only surgery can fix. But, what if your doctor is wrong? What if there are several non-invasive treatment options you could try before an invasive, not to mention, costly surgery? What if your gut is telling you something's off? What if your doctor's diagnosis of your medical issue is wrong? If the diagnosis is wrong then whatever treatment they prescribe would more than likely be incorrect as well. So many "what if's" and so many potentially devastating errors in diagnosis and treatment could lead to emotional, physical and lasting trauma. What do you do?!

Second. Opinion. Go get it! Do your research and find another specialist to give you their diagnosis. Before committing to a potentially life changing surgery, it's important to have that second opinion confirming your diagnosis and treatment options. What's a little extra time spent assuring yourself that you're making the right decision? You only have one body in this life, value it with a second or third opinion and be sure you're making the right decision for you!

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