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Tips Top Tips for a Successful Consultation with a Law Firm Intake Specialist

Thinking about reaching out to a personal injury law firm after a traumatic incident? We know that first call can be overwhelming! But a little preparation and understanding about what that initial consultation may look like can go a long way in making sure you and the Intake Specialist are on the same page from the get-go!

We've noticed that almost every case we handle can be quickly summarized with these four key questions: WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, and WHO.

1. WHAT - What happened?

We know that "Walk me through what happened" can feel like a huge question to be asked. But think of it more as, "what kind of incident happened?" Was it a car accident? Did you fall at a business? Were you injured while at the doctor? Knowing what type of incident occurred helps the Intake Specialist ask the right questions and avoid unrelated details.

2. WHEN - When did this incident occur?

One of the most important questions someone might ask you on a consultation call is when did this happen to you? Did this happen yesterday? Did this happen a year ago? Knowing when helps the intake specialist know what timeframe the attorneys may be working with, or, if this is a very recent injury, helps us know if you need help with treatment.

3. WHERE - Where did this incident occur?

Different states have varying laws regarding how long you have to seek legal assistance after an incident, and a personal injury case in California may look very different than a case in Georgia. But even more specific than that, what county or city your incident occurred in affects where the case is filed, which can even impact how much your case is worth.

4. WHO - Who is a two-part question: who was hurt, and who was involved?

Who was hurt? Are you calling the firm on behalf of your spouse, family member, or child? Or were you the one injured in the incident?

Who was involved? If you were in a car accident, do you know who the other driver is? Was anyone else in the car? Were there witnesses? Was it a commercial vehicle that hit you? If you fell at a business, what business was it? Did you talk to a manager? Or, if you were injured at the doctor or hospital, what is the name of the doctor? What is the name of the practice or hospital? Knowing the "whos" in a case can help the attorneys understand the scope of the case and the next steps to take after the intake process.

Our free consultations at Brooks Injury Law start with our Intake Specialists, who are here to make the first steps of your personal injury case as smooth as possible. Coming into the call with an idea of what to expect can help us focus on the details that matter most and get you the help you need quickly.

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