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Tips What is Uninsured Motorist (“UM”) Coverage?

Uninsured Motorist Coverage ("UM") is a type of optional auto coverage which you can add on to your state-required liability insurance policy. Whereas the state-required liability coverage protects the other driver if you cause a wreck, UM coverage protects you and your loved ones in a scenario where you are not at fault. UM coverage is one of the best things that you can proactively do to protect yourself and your family, both financially and physically. Most people are not told by insurance agents when purchasing a policy that the state-required minimum liability coverage does absolutely nothing to protect you in the event you are a victim of a wreck where the at-fault driver has either insufficient insurance coverage to cover your damages, or simply no insurance at all - which happens fairly often!

The Insurance Research Council reports 14 percent of drivers nationally do not have auto insurance. That's not counting the massive percentage of drivers who simply do not have sufficient coverage to cover your damages and medical expenses. The unfortunate reality is that victims of car wrecks often incur over $25,000 (the state minimum liability coverage in Georgia) in medical expenses and other damages. Unless you've chosen to include UM coverage on your policy, in that scenario, you are unable to collect more than $25,000, making it very difficult to be made "whole" once your medical expenses, lost wages, and other expenses have been paid out of your settlement.

We see very sad cases all the time where a client has been hit by a driver who has $25,000 in liability coverage, but our client needs surgery, and unfortunately does not have UM coverage. $250,000 in necessary medical expenses later, there is still only $25,000 available to recover.

Unfortunately, we cannot rely on other drivers to follow the law. It's silly to assume that every driver on the road is responsible and sufficiently insured. It's imperative that you take the necessary steps to protect yourself!

The good news is that UM coverage is typically available as an optional add-on to your auto insurance policy. Simply reach out to your insurance provider to discuss adding UM coverage to your policy and tailor it to your specific needs and budget.

By investing in UM coverage, you're not just safeguarding your financial well-being - you're taking proactive steps to ensure that you're prepared for whatever the road may throw your way. Thanks to UM coverage, you can drive confidently, knowing that you've taken the steps to protect yourself - not just other drivers on the road!

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