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Atlanta, Georgia, is a melting pot and major business center for the southern states. Unfortunately, in populous metro areas such as Atlanta and its suburbs, shootings and gun crimes happen and can hurt or kill the ones we love most. In booming cities like this where we work and raise our families, we never think of the unimaginable happening to our loved ones, so it may be hard to know where to start if it does happen. Having Brooks Injury Law by your side during these times can help you navigate what to do if you or a loved one have been victim to a shooting.

Know Your Rights as a Georgia Shooting Victim

In Georgia, victims of shootings are legally allowed to file civil and criminal cases against those deemed responsible. In the civil case, Brooks Injury Law will ensure that while the victim is receiving the best medical care possible, our firm will build a case on more than just the immediate damage from the exact moment of the shooting.

We do everything we can to show how the life of the victim and the lives around the victim have changed. This includes showing what life is like now via Day-in-the-Life videos and seeking the advice of experts in the medical field to assess what life will be like in the future for the victim. Rest assured that those responsible for the criminal acts will know exactly how the incident has changed all of the lives involved.

Compensation for Shooting Victims can Help Recover

Emergency medical and rehabilitation costs incurred since the incident occurred
Past and future loss income if the shooting resulted in the victims inability to work during recovery or ever work again
Diminished earning if the victim of the shooting is now unable to provide for his or her family in the same way the victim used to
Funeral expenses for the unfortunate loss of your loved one
Physical and emotional suffering sustained from the moment the incident occurred

Death and Shooting Cases

  • Violent Crimes
  • Police Shootings
  • Accidental Shootings/Innocent Bystanders
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In most cases, a person is shot while a violent crime is taking place. These violent crimes can include robberies, assaults, car-jackings, homicides, school shootings, mass shootings, and more.
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Police shootings and excessive force cases have been at the forefront of the news more and more in recent years. In these cases, a personal injury attorney will thoroughly investigate the reasons the shooting occurred and if there was a more appropriate, less-lethal way of subduing or arresting a victim or suspect.
In some cases, the victim of the shooting was not involved in any way with any violent act taking place. Here, the victim can sue a property or business for negligence if the firearm involved in a violent act was used on their premises.

Negligent Security

Negligent Security

When a victim has been stabbed or shot, the assailant is often sent to jail and pursued in a criminal case. What many people do not know is that the property or business where the shooting took place can also be held liable through a civil case.

In cases where victims were shot due to negligent security from a business owner or property manager, Victims and their families should seek the representation of a personal injury attorney to prove that the business or property should have been aware of any criminal action in the area and could have enacted measures to prevent it.

Georgia Gun Facts & Stats

Although crime rates in the United states have generally lowered over the last 20 years, according to the CDC's research published in 2017, Georgia had a rate of firearm death at 15%, 3.4% higher than the national average.
Between 2005 and 2016, Georgia 's rank moved from 8th to the 4th on a list of The US's highest-ranked states for firearm deaths.
As of 2015, Georgia's firearm death rate exceeded Chicago and DOUBLED that of New York- two cities both commonly noted for their epidemics of violence.
Gun ownership has increased over the years. The USA ranks higher than any other country in gun ownership with 88.8 firearms per every 100 US residents.

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