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Meet the Team Sara Mai

Sara Mai

Life changes in the blink of an eye. Whether it's from a car accident, medical diagnosis, or a sudden injury.

My life was truly flipped upside down in March 2022 when my mother was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. She was the "rock" in our family, as most mothers are. We lost her a month and two weeks after her diagnosis. Almost overnight, I was in charge of her estate and became the primary caregiver of my disabled father.

In the months following, my father was hospitalized on and off for various health reasons. It felt like we were at the doctor's office every single week. Eventually, he was on the mend and getting stronger every day. A year after my mom's death, I was convinced things were finally slowing down and falling into place. That was when I was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer, and my world was once again shaken to the core. Thankfully, after beginning and continuing treatments, I am currently stable and even more passionate about helping others.

These traumatic events in my life have given me a closer connection and understanding of what clients are going through when they come to us. My goal as a paralegal is to bring peace and comfort to my clients while we navigate the legal process together. The fact that I can take some of the burden off my clients is what I appreciate the most. Being able to tell somebody, "Don't worry, let me handle this" is so satisfying for me. I always tell my clients that I'm here for them and will do everything in my power to help them.

I graduated with a degree in Computer Information Systems, but I knew I didn't want to fix computers for the rest of my life. I had a passion for helping people and creating genuine human connections which I learned while working in the service industry for seven years. After a lot of thought and research, I decided to pursue a career as a paralegal.

I know I made the right choice when I think of the clients I have been able to help. In my second case ever as a paralegal, I worked with our attorneys to recover $300,000 dollars for two boys who suffered smoke inhalation injuries from being stuck inside a burning home. This money was life changing money for those boys. Another client suffered severe burns and an ultimate amputation of his toes after a pedicure. He was constantly in and out of the hospital, but no matter what he was going through he was always kind and polite to me. I was over the moon when we were able to settle his case for a million dollars. This career path has fulfilled me in so many ways, and I wouldn't trade it for the world!