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Verdicts and Settlements

Brooks Injury Law's recent and note-worthy verdicts and settlements.

$6 million

Negligent security spinal-cord injury case. Referred to Brooks Injury Law to be filed and litigated in Fulton County.Resulted in policy-limits settlement in less than one year.

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$2 million

Crushed leg in workplace injury. Suit was filed in Gwinnett County and resulted in a policy-limits settlement.

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Incident resulting in multiple surgeries. Case was referred to Brooks Injury Law and settled after suit was filed.

Image for $600,000


Wrongful death lawsuit resulting from high-speed police chase. Natanya was brought in specifically for mediation. Case was successfully settled before trial.

Image for $299,000


Motor vehicle collision with a tractor-trailer. Case was settled without filing a lawsuit.

Image for $195,000


Jury verdict in disputed liability car wreck in Cobb county. Natanya was brought in specifically for trial by fellow personal injury firm in Atlanta, GA after the insurance company top offer of $9,000.

Image for $192,000


Amputation after a car crash resulted in pre-suit policy limits settlement from both liability carrier and Uninsured Motorist carrier.

Image for <strong>$150,000</strong>


Slip and Fall case referred to Brooks Injury Law to file suit in Fulton County.

Image for $150,000


Broken arm stemming from dog attack resulting in pre-suit settlement.

Image for $140,000


Car accident resulted in pre-suit policy limits from both liability and Uninsured Motorist carriers.

Image for $125,000


Bike rider hit by car resulting in surgery.

Image for $125,000


Suit filed in Cobb county for shoulder-surgery stemming from car accident.

Image for $105,000


Head-on collision resulting in liability policy limit settlement after suit was filed in Gwinnett county and case was litigated.

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Car wreck case sent to Brooks Injury Law to file suit in Cobb County resulting in settlement prior to trial.

Image for $85,000


Car wreck case resulting in a liability and policy limits settlement

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Car wreck resulting in policy limits settlement from liability insurance carrier and settlement with uninsured motorist carrier.

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Policy Limits settlement resulting from car wreck

Image for $50,000


Settlement for Liability and Uninsured Motorist Policy Limits in car crash

Image for $50,000


Policy Limits car wreck settlement

Image for $50,000