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Understanding a semi-truck accident requires the knowledge of what a semi-truck is and how it works. A semi-truck is technically defined as the actual truck that is hauling an attached trailer. We see these large, commercial vehicles all over our Georgia roadways every single day. Semis are the vehicle required in carrying vast amounts of cargo across our nation. These trucks most often have a trailer attached, but they are perfectly capable of traveling on their own as well. The semi-truck is the main part in supporting the weight of a semi-trailer when one is attached.

Semi-Truck & Commercial Vehicle Accidents

Small Impacts can Have Devastating Results

Semi-truck accidents are very common whether they are traveling with or without cargo. These trucks are fast, heavy, and cannot stop on a dime making accidents involved with semis quite catastrophic. Smaller vehicles are most often found involved in crashes with semi-trucks and due to the size difference they do not stand a chance.

Overall, the results of a semi-truck collision can be truly devastating no matter the cause. If you or a loved one has experienced injuries caused by a semi-truck accident, you have the right to seek compensation.

Georgia Truck Accident Facts

In 2016, 179 fatalities on Georgia roadways were the result of a crash with at least one large, semi-truck according to the Governor's Office of Highway Safety.
On Georgia interstates and highways, a semi-truck and the trailer attached cannot be longer than 100 feet, taller than 13.5 feet, or wider than 8.5 feet. These Department of Transportation regulations have been put in place to ensure that our roadways are kept safe and to help reduce semi-truck accidents.
By Georgia law, drivers of semi-trucks and trailers must meet certain requirements before beginning their driving duty.
Additionally, semi-truck drivers must log all of their driving hours and are not to exceed the maximum amount of hours allowed per day in the state of Georgia. This regulation helps to reduce the risk of drowsy driving and falling asleep at the wheel.

Common Causes of Semi-Truck Accidents

Tractor Trailer Driver Negligence

Driver negligence can include speeding, overloading the trailer, breaking traffic laws, poor training, lack of experience, texting while driving, drunk driving, etc.
Product Liability

The manufacturer is determined negligent whenever the tractor trailer itself has faulty parts causing the truck to be defective and result in a wreck. Tire blowouts, brake failure, and steering troubles are all common examples of product liability.
Another Driver's Carelessness

Many drivers aren't comfortable driving near large trucks and drive differently (and riskier) than they would near an ordinary vehicle, resulting in a higher number of tractor trailer related accidents (cutting trucks off, slamming on breaks, etc.).
Roadway Hazards

Construction zones, potholes, various debris, and other hazards that are seen every day on our Georgia roads can contribute to unexpected tractor trailer accidents.
Inclement Weather

Heavy rain, ice, snow, and even fog can pose a threat to all drivers, but especially semi-truck drivers when operating such big rigs.

Why is an Attorney Necessary?

Attorneys know the correct process when dealing with these accidents.

Just because attorneys know the process in handling an accident is not to say, however, that a good car accident attorney is the best fit for a semi-truck accident. Each type of accident requires its own knowledge, skill, and expertise. Do your research to ensure that the attorney you choose will be able to earn you the compensation you deserve. Contact Brooks Injury Law, here. Our team will take the first critical steps to ensure your case is taken care of properly.

Attorneys know how to notify the trucking company of the accident.

An everyday driver may not know that whenever you are involved in an accident with a semi-truck the company must preserve the evidence. This means that they must be notified immediately following an accident. This step is crucial to a successful truck accident case.

Attorneys have the means to reconstruct the accident when necessary.

A lot of times, attorneys must call on certain experts to help them with their cases, especially in semi-truck accidents. These experts are called on to inspect the scene before evidence is washed away.

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