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Uber started in 2009 when two friends were vacationing in Paris and couldn't catch a taxi. The idea behind getting a ride at the push of a button was then invented. The service was first launched in San Francisco and since then, the service is now offered in 65 countries. After their launch, more ideas were generated and Uber now has a carpool option and a service that will deliver food to your door called UberEats.

Rideshare Accidents

More Rides Means More Accidents

As of 2017, Uber had completed 5 billion trips across the world with 75 million riders and 3 million drivers. Approximately 15 million trips are completed each day worldwide.

The overall mission of Uber is to to bring transportation for everyone everywhere. Although Uber seems to be meeting their overarching goal of providing safe and efficient transportation while limiting the amount of cars on the road, accidents can still happen and the rideshare accident process can be a little different than your everyday car accident process.

For questions regarding a rideshare accident and the next steps you should take, contact Brooks Injury Law. Consultations are always free.

Who is Responsible For an Uber Accident?

When lawsuits occur regarding Uber accidents, you're typically going after the driver rather than the company itself. These drivers are considered independent contractors rather than employees, so therefore the company tends to deny any legal liability for any type of accident involving their drivers. Below we have listed different accident scenarios and who would be considered responsible.

  • If you are on an Uber trip as a passenger and your driver gets into an accident and it is THEIR fault, you are covered under Uber's one-million-dollar insurance policy.
  • If you are another driver on the road or a pedestrian and are involved in an accident with an Uber driver when they are OFF duty, Uber's insurance does NOT cover it. You would then be going after the driver's personal policy instead.
  • If you are another driver on the road or a pedestrian and are involved in an accident with an Uber driver when they are ON duty but is NOT carrying a passenger, this again would go against the driver's personal insurance.
  • If you are involved in an accident as another driver or a pedestrian with an Uber driver WHILE they have a passenger, the company's insurance will come into play.

All of this information can be confusing and overwhelming, so it is imperative that you contact an attorney that has experience with rideshare accidents and third party claims. Our team at Brooks Injury Law is prepared to answer your questions and get you the help you need regarding your Uber accident.

What to do After an Uber Accident

Call 911
Take Pictures
Get Info
Save Receipt

1. Call 911 Call 911

Like any car accident, it is important to always get a police report so there is legal record of it happening. If you are injured, get medical attention immediately and keep record of any hospital visits and bills.

2. Take Pictures Take Pictures

If possible, take your own pictures at the scene so you can have them for personal record and for use in the future if needed.

3. Get Info Get Witness Information

It's smart to have a list of witnesses that can vouch for you in the case that someone tries to deny the accident - whether that be the rideshare driver or the company. If possible, gather witness information including their name, phone number, and email address.

4. Save Receipt Save Your Ride Receipt

Rideshare services are luckily conducted on an app so it makes it easy to save your ride receipt. Make sure that you screen shot the receipt so it doesn't get lost and you always have proof of your ride. It will show your drivers name, the time your trip started, and where you were picked up. All of this information can help with further investigation of your accident claim.

5. Seek Get Legal Help

This step is crucial when you are involved in a rideshare accident. These accidents are handled differently than regular car crashes and attorneys know the correct process to take. Evidence of your ride MUST be preserved, so that's why it's important to seek an attorney that can help you notify the company that you were riding with. Never pay for consultations, but instead find an experienced firm that will listen to your case free of cost, like Brooks Injury Law.

Common Causes of Uber Car Accidents

Drowsy Driving

Many times, those who drive with rideshare services, such as Uber, are typically doing it as a side job. Therefore, they are working their regular day job and then driving for a rideshare company afterwards. This can result in driver fatigue or drowsy driving. This can very easily lead to an accident and is one of the most common causes of rideshare accidents.
Inattentive Driving

Passengers of rideshare services often want to play loud music, have a conversation, take pictures, etc. This can lead to driver distraction and inattentive driving. This poses another serious hazard and can be a top cause in rideshare accidents.

Speeding is another top cause of rideshare accidents because often times, drivers are trying to provide the highest service for their passengers so they receive a good rating. By trying to meet this standard, they often fall victims to speeding which is another top cause of rideshare accidents.
Driving Under the Influence

Like other drivers on our Georgia roadways, Uber drivers may also make the poor decision to drive while intoxicated with alcohol or another substance. This can cause an accident and leave themselves and their passengers seriously injured.
Common Roadway Hazards

Like other car accidents, an Uber accident can also occur from your typical roadway hazards, such as, construction zones, acts of nature, etc.

Rideshare Accidents

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Brooks Injury Law Uber Car Accident Rideshare
Uber started in 2009 when two friends were vacationing in Paris and couldn't catch a taxi. The idea behind getting a ride at the push of a button was then invented
Brooks Injury Law Rideshare Accident Lyft
Lyft launched in 2012 and originated from a different ridesharing service that focused solely on college campuses and traveled to different cities.

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