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Why You Should Choose Brooks Injury Law

We listen to your full story without ever charging you a penny.
Taking your money is not what we're here for. There are no upfront fees and we don't ever charge our clients before they settle their case.
We will fight to get you the settlement check you need and deserve so you can get your life back on track.
We understand the pain and suffering an accident or wreck can cause, and we aren't here to add to it. We make things as simple as possible so you can focus on recovery.
We won't keep you in the dark. You'll have a personal paralegal attached to your case that you can contact via phone call or text anytime you have questions.
If you no longer have your vehicle or are hospitalize due to a recent incident, you don't have to worry. Our office prides itself on being able to meet over the phone, via video, or in person wherever is convenient for you.
Our attentiveness and responsiveness during your case gives you peace of mind that you are in good hands from start to finish.
After your case settles, we won't leave you out to dry. We can help you get your medical bills in order, help pay any collectors, and move on with your best foot forward after your injury.

In Your Shoes

The employees at Brooks Injury Law understand what it's like to be in your shoes. We are humans first.
Just in our office alone, from our own personal experience, we understand:

We Are Humans First

Being injured and requiring hospitalization
Being injured and requiring ongoing physical therapy
Spinal injections after car wrecks
Surgeries after car wrecks
Being at a crossroads with treatment options after an injury
Losing a family member
Losing income after loss of a job
Being on bedrest after injury but still having financial obligations
Anxiety and depression
Injuries during pregnancy
Inability to work because of an injury
Inability to care for your children physically after an injury
Battling with insurance companies to make yourself more than "just a number" to them
And more.

More Than Just a Client

This is why you're more than just a client to us. If you've experienced a recent injury at no fault of your own, contact us at Brooks Injury Law today to discuss your case.