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Roadway Safety What To Do After a Car Accident

An auto accident can be very frightening, especially if you have never been in one before. Auto accidents are becoming a daily occurrence on our Gwinnett County highways and we all hope that it will never happen to us. Once you get in an accident, you are faced with the hassle of dealing with insurance companies, recovering from injuries, missing work, and paying for medical bills that you didn't account for in your monthly budget. Brooks Injury Law is here to tell you that you don't have to deal with the aftermath of an accident alone.

Below, we've listed a few initial steps in helping you recover from a car accident that you did not plan for.

1. CALL 911

Even if there aren't major injuries or property damage, you should always call the police if you have been in an accident. It's important to get a written report of the situation. The police will also help determine fault of the accident.


If you were involved in an accident and obtained an injury of any sort, it is so important that you seek medical attention immediately. DO NOT WAIT! If needed, take an ambulance to the hospital and keep records of all hospital and/or doctor visits.


If possible, you should obtain information (name, phone number, email address, insurance co. etc.) of the other person involved, as well as the contact info for any witnesses.


Photograph all vehicles involved and the surrounding roadway. You can always use these in the future if questions about the accident arise.


Many people do not understand that they have the right to an attorney after a car accident. There is so much an attorney can help with, including compensation for medical bills and lost wages due to days of missed work.

Car Accidents

Attorney Natanya Brooks goes into additional detail regarding car accidents in her video below.

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